Who is the Gender Observer?

DSCN1260I have worked with gender equality in several countries, and have developed a keen eye for how gender issues surround us everywhere. It started with a presumably innocent, small article in a Swiss newspaper a few years ago about how “a man and his wife” had been hurt in a traffic accident, as if the wife was the add-on, or only being valued as being someone’s wife.  I wrote an e-mail to the editor, asking why it couldn’t just as well have said “a woman and her husband“, or “a couple“, to turn things around for a change, or to make it more balanced. The reply was not very satisfactory, and revealed how incapable the editor was to re-think his ways of thinking about women and men.

I have shared my daily gender observations with friends since then, and have now decided to make them accessible to a wider public. I hope you will enjoy the observations as much as they have.

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